How has machine learning influenced digital marketing?

In recent times, marketers have been exploring machine learning as a tool to help them automate their repetitive tasks, minimise mistakes, predict outcomes, generate leads, and minimise costs. Some specific use cases are given below:

  • Predictive Analytics: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence often helps marketing managers predict the effects of their marketing campaigns in real time, see possible improvements and their effects, and assess and analyse the data all in one go.
  • AI enhanced advertisements: Digital marketing managers regularly use artificial intelligence and machine learning to target their advertisements more effectively, track users’ micro movements on a webpage, make advertisements more responsive and dynamic, and much more.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Look for top key words, analyze and optimize title tags, meta descriptions, and headers, remove or automatically edit duplicate or plagarised content and predict pages rankings on the search engine result page

Please note that these are only a few of the multitude of applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in digital marketing, and that this list is sure to get longer as the fields of digital marketing and machine learning grow and become more sophisticated.