How evenings look like in life of a date engineer?

Following is the chronological schedule or timetable of a data engineer:

12:00 PM

I had lunch with my teammates.

We talk about life, work, and technology. Everyone can talk about anything without putting any pretenses on the table.

2:00 PM

My workday resumes with some software development. Data engineers continue to work on data-related software.

I interpret SQL queries, run tests in the Hadoop ecosystem, double-check that the change will not place too much strain on storage, and then commit the change.

The development process could become stalled for various reasons: the code will not compile, the production and test environments will not match, or the queries will contain mistakes.

4:00 PM

I am frequently asked to perform a production release. We want to change tables, renew queries, or start a new pipeline.

Working for a firm that focuses on engineering, I am pleased to automate all software procedures. I have to hit a few buttons, and the scripts will take care of the rest.

We will have a new version of the data system up and running if everything goes well.

6:00 PM

Time to wrap up and leave for our humble aboard.