How Encourage Positive Reviews Online in ORM?

Negative or positive, online reviews will impact your business and sales. Dimensional Research uncovered that positive online reviews affect [90% of buyers
buying decisions. And [86% of users will think twice about choosing your brand if it has negative reviews. And people’s expectations about your reputation are pretty high. In fact, 49% of consumersexpect a four-star rating from a business they will consider buying from them.

Dan Gingiss,

“Don’t be afraid to ask for a review, but only after you know you’ve provided a remarkable experience. People share experiences they love and can’t stand; no one shares a so-so experience.
Find the parts of your customer journey where you know your customer is happy, and then subtly ask (like including a social share link).”

We can see that modern-age consumers heavily depend on online reviews when making a purchase decision, but there is also a search engine optimization aspect to this. Your brand’s online reputation can impact your rankings. [Google confirmed that its algorithms are wired to downrank sites that provide poor customer experience, and negative customer reviews signify such a pattern.

But with the exponentially growing number of opportunities for consumers to make their reviews public, it is often hard to know where to look and how to handle negative reviews.

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