How does web page speed impact bounce rate?

The bounce rate on any website is based on an important factor which is the speed at which it loads for the user. There are two facets to this speed – DOM Ready Time and full-page load time.

  • DOM Ready Time is the time it takes for the HTML code to be received by the user after they have started browsing. This is the most important predictor of the bounce rate of a website. Even after receiving the code, if the parsing time is long, it will reduce the website loading time. In order to avoid long periods of parsing, the use of Javascript should be avoided as it contains third-party ads and widgets.

  • Full-page load time is the time taken for each component like the images, fonts, videos to load on a page. In order to avoid a longer full-page load time, all these components should be optimized and third-party files should not be used.