How does Human Resource Development work?

Human resource development possibilities abound in organizations, both inside and beyond the workplace. Human resource development can take place in a formal or informal setting, and it can begin as soon as new personnel is hired. The following are examples of informal learning:

  • Managerial coaching – Coaching is important to motivate the employees in the organization when they already have skills but only need the former.
  • Mentoring from more senior staff – A senior staff can share the valuable experience which can help the employee replicate some of the above.
  • Collaborating with people who are well-versed in their fields

The following are examples of formal development:

  • College courses in-classroom instruction
  • Organizational reform that has been planned

Internal training delivered by employees or external training provided by a hired consultant or facilitator helps the employees manifold. Healthy companies which aim to remain sustainable recognize the importance of human resource development and address all of these issues.