How does Fractal Analytics compare with Mu Sigma?

Mu Sigma and Fractal Analytics are both data science companies, and both have a considerable market share worldwide. However, you might be thinking which is better or if you are thinking of making your career which company you should join?

We are here to help you with the issue. Following are the comparisons of the companies:


Fractal Analytics is thought to be a more benevolent paymaster.

It features a pay structure that favors non-IITians over IITians; if you are an IIT alum, you would be better off working at Fractal Analytics. If you are not a graduate of an IIT, you may get paid 30% less for the same job.

For the first 3-4 years, Mu Sigma has been a socialist organization.
Early in their careers, everyone makes the same amount of money and follows the same path. The pay gap between analysts employed straight out of high school and those hired straight out of college is not large enough to make compensation a deal-breaker.

Working Environment

Fractal Analytics makes an effort to portray itself as an excellent workplace. It offers an internal job posting system, allowing analysts to select the projects they want to work on.

In that regard, Mu Sigma is significantly more customer-centric. Mu Sigma tries to retain some consistency and fosters client-analyst connections that can assist extend engagements, so you will often see longer tenure on the same projects there.

To compare:

Mu The size of Sigma is larger. They seek to be the world’s largest analytics firm.

Fractal is indeed a smaller version of fractal. They aspire to be the most well-known analytics company on the planet. They aspire to be the Mercedes-Benz of analytics. Fractal is a people-focused company that hires long-term employees.

Fractal Analytics describes itself as democratic. It isn’t that we don’t really have production pressure, evening outs, and hard hours at Fractal. The distinction is that this is never an issue cos of our flexible standards. Fractal is a youthful and vibrant company.

Sporting activities, training programmes, and customer visits are all common occurrences. The workplaces are lively and energizing.

Overall both are great places to work for and a good career start for a fresher who wants to learn the in and outs of a business.