How does Back End Development relate to Front End Development?

• While front-end developers are responsible for the visible aspects of a website, such as its design and functioning, back-end programmers are responsible for the aspects of a software application or information system that the average user never sees.
• Back end developers engage in designing the program’s primary features and components that drive users’ digital experiences. Employers are in greater demand than ever for talented back-end developers as the world’s social and economic reliance on digital channels grows.
• It is the job of a back-end developer to ensure that a program can supply any needed data or information when a user makes a request to the system through a front end (i.e., consumer-side) framework.
• These developers have other duties like - They keep core databases up to date, managing application program interfaces (APIs), and testing and debugging back-end processes to ensure that a program runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.