How does Ansible work?

Ansible is a free and open-source automation tool that has two types of servers:

  • Controlling machines
  • Nodes

Ansible will be installed on the controlling machine, and nodes will be controlled through SSH using that machine. The positions of nodes are determined by inventories in the controlling machine.

Ansible does not require any necessary installs on distant nodes because it is an agentless technology. As a result, no background processes are required to be run while it manages any nodes.

With the aid of Ansible Playbooks, Ansible can manage a large number of nodes from a single machine through an SSH connection. Playbooks are multi-tasking scripts that are stored in the YAML file format.

DevOps is a concept or you can call it a work model, Ansible is a tool which can be used along with hundred other tools under DevOps.

The main idea is to focus over automating everything possible by using different tools which can help you in auto configuration once you build the code for it.

Ansible is a Redhat tool for automating configuration using YAML as programming language and ssh as communication.