How does a day in the life of an NLP engineer look like?

• Going through the to-do list, e-mails, reading the daily newspaper about any innovations in the world of AI, and going through the details of a newly proposed language processing model (if any) is how typical NLP engineers begin their day.
• Post this, a scheduled morning meeting takes place to discuss what was done the day before, what is to be done during the day, while discussing any open-ended questions that come to the mind to be clear.
• Based on the requirement of the client, a decision is taken to adopt the best approach to solve their problem. Information extraction, multilabel categorization, and entity extraction are all terms that could be used to describe it.
• After the lunch break, if there is anything left to be done in the to-do list, that is prioritized. Else, training a model from scratch, meeting with customers occupy a greater part of it.