How do you write a good resume for Product Manager jobs?


  1. Be Clear About Ownership - Be Honest. Don’t claim ownership of something you worked on as part of a team, but state it clearly on your resume if you initiate, create, or own a significant product, feature, or initiative.

  2. Describe Your Leadership Experience - Even if you’re applying for an individual contributor position, you should describe your leadership experience. Mention the number and length of direct reports you’ve had, interns/junior PMs you’ve mentored, and other ways you’ve led others.

  3. Use Data - If something noteworthy about what you did, respond to the question. Ideally, respond with data and communicate it properly.

  4. Omit the Objective and Summary Sections - Omit the boilerplate objective that says you want a challenging, blah, blah role. Also, skip the section that discusses your qualities in summary. In summary, stating that you are a seasoned leader does not persuade anyone.

  5. Choose the Right Technical Skills to Include - If you have built your technology or are familiar with SQL and other query languages, include a technical skills section.

  6. Check to See if it Matches Your LinkedIn Profile - When I receive a resume, the first thing I do is look a candidate up on LinkedIn. I go through their profile and look for mutual connections.