How do you write a good product description?

1. Answer important questions before writing

Before you begin writing, you should ask yourself a few questions to help guide your product descriptions:

  • Casual or formal language: How do I address my customers (also in emails and on the phone)?
  • Who is my typical customer?
  • Why do they need this product?
  • What do they expect from the product?
  • Where will they use the product?
  • What additional information can I offer them to improve their customer experience?

2. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is important for creating a good product description. If you haven’t yet created a buyer persona, you really should. Creating a profile of your ideal customer can help a variety of teams throughout your company. When it comes to product descriptions, a good customer profile will help you realise what is really important to them.

For example, if you sell high-end, professional headphones (like the ones in the next section), you probably have a different target audience than someone who sells gamer headphones or trendy, designer headphones. Knowing your customer’s intent and motivation for buying these headphones should definitely affect how you write about your products.

3. Focus on benefits and features

A good product description should focus on the product’s features and benefits. Obviously, the features are a bit more clear cut. The benefits will require a bit more creativity and understanding of your target audience.

However, both features and benefits allow for creative writing. Be sure to use some positive adjectives that highlight them.

4. Make it easy to read - Use bullet points

Generally speaking, extremely long product descriptions aren’t necessary. In the case above, this is a product selling at an extremely high price range, so it is fitting that the product description is a bit longer than usual.

In most cases, however, you’ll want to make the product description a bit shorter and easy to read. Bullet points can really help with this.

On the following product page, Dotty Fish does this really well. Along with the detailed product images and clean design, the product description does a great job highlighting the products and features in these bullet points.