How do you think lock down career change into tech?

The last 4-5 months have been incredibly difficult for the world. Covid has wreaked havoc on everyone across all ages and demographics. Many have lost their lives, their loved ones and their jobs. And the scary part is, its not over yet ! But we also have the opportunity to learn from this experience by looking at things constructively.

I have received several emails from professionals about job opportunities. But i have to admit that i myself had to let go several of my employees due to the situation. However, i would like to share with all of you what i have learnt throughout my career. It might help someone.

In times such as this, we are always looking out for references to connect us to a new job or a new role. We spend our time waiting for that one opportunity that could solve all our problems. But we have to understand that everyone else who has lost their job is also doing the same. Instead, why don’t we see the Covid imposed lockdown as an opportunity to do something we always wanted to do which we couldn’t do earlier due to lack of time.

Remember, companies today are looking for employees who can think differently, make reasonably independent decisions without requiring micro-management.

Most of us have a laptop and internet connection at home. Take this opportunity to think about something you always wanted to do or how you could create something which could be of value in the scenario today. It could be a website or a blog or any initiative which allows you to execute your vision. For example you could create a website that technically analyzes all the different types of masks available and how they are different from one another and in which sites they are available. Use your creativity to define how you would like to add value to your target market. To start with, the idea behind this initiative need not be monetary, however it could lead on to something bigger which might trigger the entrepreneur in you. More importantly, this initiative will allow you to explore your ideas, implement them and build something from scratch on your own, which will give you tremendous confidence. Last but not the least, you now have a body of work that you can showcase to potential employers. Remember, showcasing your work is much more powerful than someone giving you a recommendation. Even if the work you did is unrelated to the role you are applying for, employers will note the fact that you took an opportunity and implemented an idea, however simple it was. It also leads the interview in a positive direction, talking about your thought process and approach. And finally, you could end up in a totally new career.

Never wait for an opportunity. Instead, create one for yourself by thinking of how you can use your skills and interest to add value to the world. Your efforts will never go unrecognized. These are the lessons i have learnt. I never used any of my past references for my next job because i didnt really get along with any of my managers. What really helped me was my own initiatives.

Corona is not just attacking our health but our mindsets as well. If it is Corona today it could be something else tomorrow. So lets be prepared for a future that is uncertain, risky and extremely dynamic.

I hope you find this informative ,see you on the next topic.