How do you stay up ahead with new digital marketing trends?

This is one of the most often asked topics in digital marketing interviews. Businesses seek to hire highly qualified experts that are up to speed on the newest industry trends because digital marketing is a dynamic sector. It is critical that you stay up with the latest developments by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and attending webinars. SEO is an extremely dynamic field since Google’s algorithms change often. Tell the interviewer how you stay up to date with the most prominent blogs and forums, such as Social Media Examiner, Mashable, and Neil Patel’s site. You may also discuss networking and marketing events where you can meet new people and expand your expertise.

New digital marketing trends may seem daunting, but there are a couple of ways to stay ahead of the curve. One suggestion is to spend less time watching videos and articles about current people and more time reading journals written years ago.

New things come out every day in the world of marketing, so it’s difficult to fuel creativity just from looking at what’s new right now. However, before jumping head-first into this newest machine or app, take some time to see how you can improve your work through evidence-based approaches that have stood the test of time. Read long-form research like journal articles that were originally published in the 2000s rather than following 15 minute Youtube videos all day - and don’t believe everything you read until you conduct thorough experiments.