How do you optimize your paid search campaigns?

Paid search spending can accumulate quickly depending on competitor’s bids, your ad schedule, etc. And since your client hired you to manage their ad campaigns for them, you need to answer these advertising questions showcasing your ability to get the most out of their budget and drive relevant traffic that results in sales. To focus on driving maximum traffic to your client, and spending resources wisely, there are a variety of powerful tools available.

Transparency (or lack thereof) can be one of the biggest challenges in an agency/client relationship. It can be quite contentious when converting your subject matter expertise into concrete terms that your client will understand. Accountability and clear reporting are excellent ways of alleviating this point of contention.

Top reporting tools we recommend:


This tool pulls in data from multiple sources (including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Moz, SEMrush) and creates robust reports incorporating KPIs and ad program ranking. The in-depth understanding of connecting data points and giving you actionable feedback will help you automate and optimize your reporting.

Keywords Everywhere

This browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox will pull in the CPC, search volume, and competition data while you’re browsing the web. You can additionally bulk upload (up to 10k) keywords, making this an extraordinarily powerful tool.

Google Ads Editor

This is a free application which allows you to manage ads and upload updates or changes to your campaigns all at once. Since Google ads will likely be a huge part of any PPC campaign, this is a must have for optimization. Additionally, showcasing a


Intrinsically, paid search is about giving the customer exactly what they want the second the land on the page. This can be a challenge if you’re targeting a variety of personas and directing them all to one homepage.

Fortunately, Instapage offers an elegant solution to this problem, including hundreds of pre-optimized templates, branded email notifications and a to build custom post-click landing pages faster and more efficiently with your team. Now, maximizing ROI for paid search by having one page for each ad, makes scalability easier than ever with professional best-in-class software like Instapage.