How Do You Measure SEO?

If you’ve spent at least five minutes in the SEO world, you’ve probably heard the adage, “what you measure, you move.” This means that knowing your numbers is the first step in evaluating the performance of your SEO strategy.

There are hundreds of metrics you can track. Google uses over [200 ranking factors in its algorithm But it’s best to stay focused on a few to start. Establish which metrics are the most critical for your business and track those metrics regularly.

Organic Traffic

When searchers type a question, word, or string of words into a search engine, they will get a set of results showing the ads and pages related to the search query. Organic traffic is the number of visitors your site generates from people clicking on your webpages when they come up from search engine results.

Organic search traffic is what you want for your website because it’s targeted. The person is looking for something specific, and if you can provide a solution, you’ll gain a new subscriber or customer. It’s also an effective indicator of the overall progress of your SEO strategy. Improvement in organic search results means your website’s visibility through keyword ranking has gone up.

If you want a comprehensive view of your website against your competitors’ traffic sources, consider our [Domain Overview and [Traffic Analytics tools. Both can help you better understand your organic traffic and how your audience is visiting your site.

Start with the domain overview, where you’ll get a high-level look at your traffic over time, including a breakdown of organic versus paid traffic. You can look at up to five competing domains.