How do you keep your computer secure?

There are a few steps that one has to implement in order to keep their computer secure. A few of these steps are:

  1. Implement a 2-way or multi-factor authentication
  2. Use uncommon alphanumeric passwords and secure them
  3. Update your computer regularly
  4. Install a good antivirus to protect your computer from malware
  5. Have a specialized firewall to keep attacks at a minimum
  6. Have anti-phishing software installed to identify fraudulent mails
  7. Use encryption to reduce data leakage and loss
  8. Finally, it is very crucial to secure your DNS

Today, individuals store huge amounts of data and information over their computer and smartphones. Hence, it becomes extremely important to address the potential threats and the ways can protect themselves from the same:
• Hackers are criminals who obtain unauthorized access to a network and devices with the goal of stealing sensitive data such as financial information or trade secrets.
• Firewalls and antivirus software, as well as basic practices for computer use, can help protect your machines.
• Turning off Bluetooth when not in use, being aware of the Wi-Fi networks you connect to, and employing security programs to better monitoring and protection are all ways to protect your mobile devices.
• Using firewall services, installing antivirus services, using secure and complex passwords, keeping the OS and apps up-to-date are some of the initial steps to be undertaken to secure your computer from malicious attacks.
• Using two-factor authentication and encryption will help in keeping the data and information secure.