How do you increase followers on Twitter?

Twitter is a great social media for business and personal branding, as long as you know how to use it. How do you increase followers on Twitter? Here are some tips.

  1. Suggested Tweets - Plan what will be the content of your tweets ahead of time. Add a call to action such as asking your followers to take an online poll or telling them to enter their name in a contest via Facebook check-in or by liking a photo on Instagram. All of these actions get people involved and draw attention back to your accounts where they can then see that you have tweeted something important about your study or campaign etc. You can also optimize your tweets so that each one has a maximum impact: make sure the title and description are keyword-rich, use compelling images to grab attention and make your tweets easy to share with others.

  2. Target the Right Followers - The best way to get new followers on Twitter is to target people who already follow similar accounts like yours. If you want more personal branding/business leads, for instance, follow other businesses in your industry or related ones instead of gamers if you sell products for smartphone users. Use a tool such as Followerwonk or Canva (as mentioned below) to find out how many followers they have and what their interests are so that you can tailor your message accordingly.

  3. Tweet Often But Not Too Often - Tweeting too often can bore your followers and make you look spammy. Tweeting too little will not get your followers to miss you if they like what you have to say (and eventually follow you). The sweet spot is somewhere around 2-5 tweets per day that are spaced out enough so that each one gets attention, but close enough together so that people don’t forget about you in between tweets. That way when it comes up in conversation the next time, they can tell their followers how you tweeted something great earlier and continue the conversation.

  4. Add a Picture - Adding pictures to your tweets is very important because most people won’t read long messages from strangers unless they are interested. You should also add hashtags relevant to what your tweet is about: this helps it get exposure to new eyes that might not follow you.

  5. Tweet at the Right Time - It’s important to tweet when your followers are online so that they see what you have to say. If your target is mainly American, for example, then tweet in the evening Eastern Standard Time or from late morning until lunchtime if you’re targeting Europeans, etc. You can use tools such as Buffer (or our Twitter Scheduler for WordPress users) which helps schedule tweets at optimal times for maximum visibility and traffic.

  6. Add a Call to Action - To increase engagement, even more, ask what people think about something in a poll with a set number of choices, or ask them what they want out of some service or product. Or use Twitter Polls to get people involved. Also, an interesting fact could be the subject of your next tweet if you want it to get retweeted and spread further: find interesting facts or photos then tweet them with a link back to your website for more information.