How do you handle stress and pressure? How to answer this question?

The employer wants to know if you’re aware of how pressure affects you and how you deal with it. Because the interviewer doesn’t want to hear that you never feel worried, you’ll need to be prepared to answer correctly. After all, everyone experiences stress at work at some point.

How to answer this question
To properly answer this question, you’ll need to give concrete examples of how you’ve dealt with stress in the past. You may also give examples of occasions when being under pressure caused you to perform more efficiently.

Be cautious in your responses. If you claim you feel worried when handed numerous tasks and you know the work would need you to manage multiple assignments at once, you’ll appear unfit for the job.
Mention how a little bit of tension may be a good motivation for you. Try to think of a moment when the pressure of a tough assignment motivated you to be more creative and productive.