"How Do You Handle Failure?" How to answer this question?

Employees in almost every profession will face failure at some point, therefore it’s not surprising that interviewers would inquire about your capacity to handle failure on the job.

While your response won’t inform interviewers how you’d deal with an issue at work, it will indicate how you think about hardship and how you deal with it. It will also demonstrate your ability to cope with disputes. Nobody loves to talk about their flaws with others, and your attitude will reveal whether or not you can handle these difficulties.

How to Answer the Question
The easiest way to deal with this type of question is to prepare several instances in advance of your interview where you come up short on the job. Choose scenarios in which you accepted responsibility for your failure, learned from it, and made actions to prevent similar mistakes in the future.
It’s usually safer to mention failures that happened a long time ago and don’t affect your ability to execute the job. Prepare to discuss your self-improvement plan in-depth, as well as the following accomplishments you earned as a result of implementing those actions.