"How Do You Define Success?" How to answer this question?

“How do you measure success?” or “How do you define success?” may be a question asked during a job interview. This is an open-ended question with no right or wrong response, and it gives a great chance for you to exhibit the traits that most employers are searching for—determination, passion, drive, excitement, and a shared collaborative vision—through your replies and body language.

How to Answer the question
The easiest way to respond to this question is to give concrete instances of your accomplishments and explain the reasons that led to them. Then describe how you used what you learned from each event to further your career and achieve great results.
You might be able to recall a moment when you led a team that delivered a product ahead of schedule. Describe the measures done to guarantee that good quality was maintained despite the tight deadline.
You might then describe how you recognized each team member’s contributions and how you and your team were able to apply the same method to future deliveries.