How do you deal with negative feedback?

One of the best responses to this question is to start by acknowledging the inevitability of receiving negative feedback.

By sharing your awareness of feedback cycles, it can highlight how competent you are to deal with this kind of communication.

You should use this time to suggest building a proactive internal structure in advance, mitigating the need for negative feedback in the first place.

What do I mean by this?

By creating a clear line of communication between all teams, it can allow you to uncover the early signs of poor performance across the key areas you manage. By taking the time to properly resolve issues as they arise, it prevents them from turning into problematic scenarios.

This response not only shows your ability to remain transparent, but can also showcase your willingness to take ownership of work and progressively adapt within a role.

The best way to avoid negative scenarios is to turn the potential downfall into something positive.