How do I prepare for IBM placement?

Following is the experience shared by one of the Candidates:

My sister had no idea what to study for placements, what sections were questioned in the tests, or the syllabus last year when she had her placements.
She was utterly lost, and her college was unable to assist her.
They gave her study materials, but they were outdated and followed an old pattern.

Some of her seniors advised her to study conventional literature, such as RS Agrawal and S Chand, but she found them to be far too lengthy, and she could not keep up with the preparations while also attending college.

You have to create a holistic plan according to your time. Learn about each section’s complete syllabus. The most significant aspect of the IBM online test is that you must pass one round before moving on to the next.

So it is not necessary to score well in all parts, but you must pass.
Because everyone has strengths and shortcomings, concentrate on your strengths while also attempting to overcome your deficiencies.

Study each section carefully and practice as much as possible.