How do i get government job as a Artificial Intelligence engineer?

Artificial Intelligence is being quickly adopted by companies to solve various problems and improve the user experience by providing better services and learning from the consumer pattern. With the advent of this, private sector as well as Government sectors are hiring for Artificial Learning and Machine Learning jobs. Government is also in the need of AI graduates. Earlier it was outsourcing all its AI based work to private companies but now it has started hiring.

There are various jobs available in the Government as Artificial Intelligence or a Machine Learning Engineer. For this, a candidate has to browse through various job openings available in Government on their website. They hire for various positions in the Government Owned companies. They hire in companies like National Informatics Centre, Govt funded AI schemes like Digital India investment in Robotics, AI and IOT sector. Government also set up a National Program on AI which is set up by NITI Ayog in Mumbai.