How do I get a job as a Data Scientist as a fresher?

There are many companies which hires freshers in the position of a data scientist such as Barclays, Fractal, Mu-Sigma, LatentView and other analytical service providers. However, the candidates need to have the right skills to crack the interview process. The key skillsets required for a fresher to get a job as data scientist are database management system (SQL etc.), basics of statistics & mathematics with focus on probability theories & algebra, Python, data visualization as well as an in-depth view on Microsoft Excel.

India as a job market is highly resistant to hire data scientist as a fresher. Everyone out there asks for at least 2 years of experience, but then the question is where will we get the two years experience from?

The important thing here to build a portfolio. As you are a fresher I would assume you had learnt data science through online courses. They only teach you the basics, the analytical skills required to clean the data and apply machine learning algorithms to them comes only from practice.

Do some real-world data science projects, participate in Kaggle competition. kaggle provides data sets for practice as well. Whatever projects you do, create a GitHub repository for it. Place all your projects there so when a recruiter is looking at your profile they know you have hands-on practice and do know the basics. This will take you a long way.

Getting a job as a data scientist for a fresher will be difficult, as you will require much expertise and experience.

To begin, you should focus on learning or improving the abilities that a data scientist is expected to possess. SQL, Excel, R, and Python are unquestionably necessary skills. Knowing how to use at least one visualization tool such as Tableau would benefit your case. You don’t have to major in computer science in college, but it’s also not a good idea to only rely on online courses and resources to improve your skills. Certification would also boost your confidence and potential employers’ confidence in your skills.

Participate in the Kaggle competition and work on some real-world data science projects. Data sets for practice are also available on Kaggle. Create a GitHub repository for any projects you work on. Place all of your projects there so that when a recruiter looks at your profile, they can see that you have hands-on experience and understand the fundamentals.

Now try to get internships that will help you understand the complexity in the real world and how you will apply what you learned.

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