How do I get a government job in the cyber security domain?

Ethical hackers and IT specialists are hired by all businesses, including the Indian government, for a variety of responsibilities. The government of India hires in two ways:

  1. On a contract or temporary basis: This form of hiring is done for a specific contract:
    • such as setting up a LAN/WAN,
    • building a website, or
    • signing an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract for software/hardware). This is accomplished by issuing tenders, which include the necessary IT gear and services.
    For example, CERT-India has appointed a number of private organizations to do network vulnerability assessments and penetration testing audits. Page on with a link.
  2. Permanent –
    • Various government departments, organizations, and public-sector entities (PSUs) hire IT expertise on a regular basis using the established recruitment process.
    • One should keep an eye on employment news/websites to stay updated with the job openings and requirements in the government sector according to their preferred domain.