How do i establish rapport with a new employee?

How do i establish rapport with a new employee?

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A new employee is very similar to a new member in your family or a new acquaintance at a social gathering.

The best way to establish rapport is by establishing trust. Since you are in the position of strength currently (because the employee is new and might be nervous about the new role and changed surroundings) , you should be the “bigger person” and initiate the process of building trust.

Building trust is like building anything else. Start with solid foundations and everything else will fall into place. Once again, communication and honesty of communication play a crucial role. Share stories (personal stories and anecdotes from your experiences at work or at home will work remarkably well), offer help & support to the employee beyond what she expects from you and soon enough you’d have established trust.
Be honest, be empathetic and be authentic to keep that trust.
Establish customs and rituals (coffee together, sharing notes on the meal you cooked or Netflix series you watched) and you’d have cemented rapport.

Hope this helps.