How do I choose a career path/education path when I don’t really have a passion for anything?

Yes it is not easy. Infact, many of the students who did go on to pursue careers of their interest were fortunate enough to meet mentors . Some others followed their parent’s footsteps.

For those who have no clue, let me suggest a few ways. If you cannot select something that you like, try to exclude things that you dislike strongly. For example, if you hate sitting in a desk all day or attending meetings, dont go for IT (software).

If you dont have too much patience and are not too people friendly dont opt for becoming a doctor.

SO try to exclude careers that you dont like based on interest and skills.

If you love travelling and love nature, think of becoming a Conservationist or Wildlife Biologist. If you are an outgoing person , you can get into Sales or Publicist careers