How do I build a career after graduation?

Some people are really fortunate since they discover what they enjoy doing at a young age. They have supportive parents who encourage them to follow their ambitions.

Then there are some, who roam aimlessly, unable to determine what they enjoy. Either they like everything or nothing. So, what to do when you’re in a situation like that?
Begin by considering your general interests. Do you enjoy sports, designing stuff, travelling, or even solving math problems?

Make a list of the top five things you enjoy doing, and then narrow down your possibilities for a job in that field. Consider sports journalism if you are an excellent writer who enjoys sports. Consider pure math research if you enjoy math.
The next step is to determine the fundamental degree required for your interests. Because sports and journalism aren’t very organized, you’ll need to create portfolios to demonstrate your abilities. Begin by blogging about it. Pure research necessitates excellent academic performance and high grades.
Perhaps, this approach can help you through.