How do I accelerate my salary growth?

This is very subjective, but my suggestion to people in general:

  1. Be smart in your existing job. Check what the expectations are, and work for those sincerely. Meanwhile, keep learning, to check if you could’ve done the same job the better way? Maybe with the help of a new technology or technique? You might just get good hike in current company.
    If not,
  2. Look out for a company that requires your ad-on skills! Avoid switching too often. And yeah, avoid going to a company that has offered good, but job role isn’t challenging or that doesn’t support your growth track.
  3. Keep learning! Try to help the business grow through your skills, money will follow.
  4. Switch job immediately if: environment is too toxic (people discuss people and not ideas is a clear sign of toxic environment) or if you are too comfortable with your job.