How Digital PR Can Increase Brand Awareness?

Sometimes, you’re just looking to get your name out there. Maybe your competitors are household names, or maybe you’re new to the scene and trying to compete. Whatever the reason, if you’re not well-known, that can be keeping people from trusting you or even knowing you’re an option for them.

SEO-driven content is a great way to [BUILD BRAND AWARENESS in this way, because you want your content to be high up in search engine results when people search for queries related to your business.

Digital PR is a great supplement to SEO work. If they’ve seen your brand name before, they’re probably more likely to click on it when they see it in the SERPs.

When you do the digital PR work like I described in the previous section, your brand is often mentioned early on in the news story since you’re the source of the information.
In the MarketWatch coverage, our client was mentioned in the “top of the fold” — meaning it’s in the first screen of text without scrolling. And it says exactly what kind of site they are. Hard to beat that.