How can you optimize an E-commerce website which has millions of pages?

How can you optimize an E-commerce website which has millions of pages?23. How can you optimize an E-commerce website which has millions of pages?

There are many benefits of having a larger site and are easier to optimize but needed to follow the search engine guideline parameters to get effective results.

  • Larger website with millions of Web Pages mean lots of content but content should be useful and unique. Pages with irrelevant and copied content can harm the website ranking.
  • Remove thin pages content or add useful content to those pages to make it more relevant for user information. Search engine always prefer to show most useful content.
  • Remove duplicate pages– remove all the pages those are creating duplicate pages. Duplicate pages are not preferred by search engine and can rank you down from search position.
  • Well structured website navigation – Website needed to be well managed and easy to navigate to improve website performance.
  • Create a good link structure – Websites with millions of pages mean lots of content so you can create a good and efficient on-page link structure to improve the relevancy of a website. Page link structure also improves page authority and the higher page authority is always given preference in search engine results.
  • Target important keywords in Header or description – Always target important keywords in description or header and URL as well, these are given the most important term as per search engine. The description should always contain the information targeted in content.
  • Keep providing new content- when writing new content always make sure that it contains 350 words. update your content at least once per week.
  • Add Image and video in pages – Not only search engines but the user also loves to watch graphical and video-related content. Add related rich media content to optimize your web pages better for user as well as search engine.

E-commerce website’s site structure has the Home page, followed by categories pages. Under the categories, there are subcategories, followed by different products are coming.

Major optimization happens on primarily category or product pages. In Ecommerce, people don’t focus on the home page as visitors who want to purchase a product, look for very specific information. The objective of the homepage of your website is like a resume of a website, it gives overall information not for a particular product or category.

Visitors must reach the product in maximum within three steps/clicks. In e-commerce sites, the visitor should reach the product within 3 or 4 clicks. First, think about what will be the intention of the visitor when he enters a particular page, and what is the objective of the page. If the objective of the page is to provide information to visitors, there has to the informational keyword.

If the product is a description page, that means the visitor’s buying intent is strong, thus here we need to use the buyer’s keyword.

Right use of Keywords
You should add “buy” keywords. Eg: you can add “price”, “discount”, “buy”, “discount coupon code” with your generic keywords. You should choose generic keywords for the homepage, specific keywords in Category Page, and on the product page, buyer-specific.