How can you handle errors in Web API?

How can you handle errors in Web API?

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We can handle errors in Web API, by using -

  1. HttpResponseException class
  2. HttpError object
  3. Exception filters

The most basic division of errors identifies whether the problem is a result of a client or server error.

4xx-level errors are client errors. These are errors that the client can solve on their own by changing their request. And then 5xx errors are server errors, which indicate to the client that it’s probably not something they did wrong and that they should either retry or contact support.

This is a basic division. Unfortunately, sometimes applications get it wrong. Whether it’s speeding through to a deadline or not having a good error handling template to follow, mistakes do happen. So what you’ll want to do (and we’ll cover this later) is make sure that your application is set up with global exception handling and filtering to provide your consumers with appropriate codes.