How Can Page Url Be Made More Apt For Optimization?

Page URL can be made more apt by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Describe Your Content: Page URL should be so descriptive that by looking at the URL, user should get an idea of what the page is all about. Try to use words that are relevant to your store content.
  2. Keep it Short: Always remember the shorter the URL the easier to copy and paste and remember which is more useful. Avoid using excessive keywords. Although search engines allow 1000 characters but only 70 characters will display in search engine results.
  3. Minimize numbers and symbols: Use words or phrases in the URL instead of using numbers, symbols and punctuation.
  4. Hyphens separate best: When creating URL’s with multiple words in the format of a phrase, hyphens are best to separate the terms.
  5. Always use lower case alphabets: Since URL’s can accept both uppercase and lowercase alphabets, do not allow any uppercase letters in your structure as lowercase searching dominates all the search engines.
  6. Never use nested sub directories: Using nested sub directories like “…/dir1/dir2/dir3/page.html” makes the URL lengthy and complex.