How can one improve CTR for a Facebook ad?

Given that the first rule of advertising is to know your audience, it’s important to understand how you can improve CTR for a Facebook ad. It’s also crucial to know what kind of content works best on Facebook ads, and which ones don’t. A study by Litmus shows how click-through rates (CTR) are affected by different factors when it comes to Facebook ads. Here are some examples:

 	Long-form copy greatly improves CTR in the Newsfeed (1,074% increase!). This is likely due to Newsfeed ad users seeing more of your copy and having more time to read it as they scroll through their feeds. I have personally seen this happen with my own posts in the past few months.

 	People read the body copy of emails more than they do subject lines. This same principle is likely to hold true for Facebook ads - if you can, include a large amount of text and make it engaging while giving as much information about your product or service as possible. It's not uncommon for people to see your ad (and opt-in) on social media sites in their email inboxes, so give them enough content in that small space to compel them to take action.