How can one do PRODUCT MANAGEMENT for firms in service industry?


  1. Although this is a new development at firms such as McKinsey and BCG (last few years). Firms that have historically been more focused on implementation.
  2. As a consultant and product manager, one is expected to bring digitization into the product life cycle wherever possible.
  3. It is a project of digital transformation. The client wishes to improve its processes, provide a better customer experience, and provide after-sales service (for example, Accenture and Deloitte have held these positions for a more extended period.)

Here are two specific areas where project managers are hired:

  1. McKinsey has established a new Digital Labs division.
  2. BCG has a new group called BCG Digital Ventures.
    Product managers are employed in both of these groups.

Overall, I anticipate that these firms will hire an increasing number of project managers. This is due to two key trends:

  1. Software is becoming increasingly important, and
  2. McKinsey and BCG are both pushing for implementation to drive continued revenue growth. These forces imply that these firms will need to increase their PM staffing in the future.

Finally, I’ll say that being a project manager is a fantastic job.