How can one become the best Product Manager in the organization that he/she is working for?

You can look up to many famous and successful product managers. Here is a partial list of some of them:
James Boulton, Mike Maples Jr., Justin Rosenstein, and Scott Stratten

One percent of PMs are metrics-driven, speak with customers regularly, collaborate well with others, and know when to say no – and why. More on the abilities of top product managers

The one percent product manager is:

  1. extremely creative
  2. inspiring
  3. is open to most discussions
  4. knows the nitty-gritty of the market
  5. an excellent communicator
  6. has a mindset for application of UX
    (The rebel part refers to their required perseverance in getting the project through the existing organizational structure.) By the way, this is only necessary for the old dinosaur-like companies.)

Here are a few examples of outstanding PMs who embody the characteristics mentioned above:

  1. Underwood, April (Slack, Twitter)
  2. Sinofsky, Steven (a16z, Microsoft)
  3. Mina Radhakrishnan’s (Uber)
  4. Blank, Steve (Lean Startup)
  5. Knapp, Sean (Ooyala)