How can I start learning DevOps and become a master in it?

To start learning about DevOps you will first need to know & learn all about programming languages like Linux. Linux is one such example that is being used by an innumerable number of DevOps Engineers. Then you will have to learn source code management. Source code management is also known as SCM is an automated program that keeps track of the system’s changes.

Then you will need to learn application building, automation with CI/CD tools also known as CICD. CICD is the practice of continually integrating and delivering or deploying applications. One also needs to know how to develop applications & how application testing is done. Continuous development refers to the process for engineers and DevOps teams to use automated testing to see if the changes they’ve made to a codebase are ready for release.

The next stage in the roadmap is application monitoring. Applications Manager is software that monitors the performance and user experience of your business-critical applications and infrastructure components.