How can I start learning Data Science and become a master in it?

You can first start by fulfilling your prerequisites:

  • Learn to Program in a Programming Language (R or Python).

  • Learn about applied mathematics (LA, Stats, Prob).

  • Begin by reading ML/AI blogs and listening to podcasts.

  • To lay the groundwork, read some wonderful books.

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

  • Experiment with the skills and get some hands-on experience.

Then you should start mastering the topics of:

  • Learning programming languages like Python and R, getting comfortable in coding at least one of them

  • Get familiar with applied maths, Build machine learning algorithms and understand how to apply the concepts.

  • Keep yourself updated by investing your time in Data Science related topics by reading books, Podcasts, expert interviews, blogs, etc.

  • Learn Machine learning and deep earning

  • Take on roles in companies and build end-to-end projects.

Once you complete this, you will be considered a master in data science.

You can try this learning path on data science to learn more and become an expert