How can I start learning Cyber Security and become a master in it?

• Firstly, an individual should start learning programming languages and have a could hold over them, especially, Python.
• Following the completion of Python programming, one would install Kali Linux, a penetration testing operating system, and begin learning how to hack networks — pre-connection, acquiring access, and post-connection.
• The next step is to learn about server and client-side attacks.
• Once the system has been hacked, a good understanding of how to communicate with the compromised system, access its file system, and sustain access is required.
• Hacking a website or a web application would likewise necessitate one’s attention.
• Having mastered Ethical Hacking after overcoming numerous hurdles during the learning process, and then landing a high-paying job as a Cyber Security Analyst.
It is to be considered that the most efficient way to master Ethical Hacking is to choose an effective learning resource - one that recognizes that students are new to the domain and unfamiliar with the Ethical Hacking environment, one that explains why the program is behaving the way it is behaving, one that provides in-course support in the form of resolving any doubts students may have about a concept or while solving practice problems, one that does not rely on the students’ own initiative.