How can I make myself stand out against competitors?

Some jobs can be competitive and you may be up against many other applicants. Your career counselor can help you practice interviewing skills and help you organize your resume in a way that helps you stand out when applying for these jobs. They may make recommendations such as using your networking skills, highlight industry-specific skills on your resume, tailoring your resume to the job and writing a great objective statement.

If you plan to return to school or are currently in school, your career counselor can help you optimize your learning. Joining leadership programs or taking on an internship can help you build important skills while you are still in school. Your career counselor can help you choose the activities and programs that build on the specific skills that you will need in your intended career choice. They can connect you to these opportunities so you can get the most out of your education.

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In addition to the above replies,

The key to standing out is going beyond your technical skills into the persona that you paint for yourself. Be it for any role, people who can play the game good with organizers rule is more important. For example, how do you bring out your critical thinking ability or ability to stick to ground under pressure through your past work / experience also adds on. At the same time don’t ignore or fail to show your key tech strengths.

Stop trying to be better than your competition.

And start figuring out how you can be different. Too many startups trying to figure out how they can be better than the competition – a better product, better service, better features, better price … What they really should be doing is figuring out how they can simply be different than the competitors. What is their unique business value proposition that they can offer to their customers? Once you figure it out, you will not only stand out but find your product-market fit. Gather your team and ask these answers:

  1. What are you doing that your competitors aren’t;
  2. What are you doing like your competitor, that you can change for good?
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