How can I make an impressive Data Science CV?

First and foremost have an impressive data science knowledge. Most people evaluating you for data science would give two hoots about how colourful your CV is. Graphics people convey their skills via a fancy CV - your skills are in analysis and mathematical techniques and programming abilities - none of these are well communicated by a fancy CV.

That said, your CV must be professional looking, neat and crisp. People should know what you have worked on (including given your experience academic projects) and what relevant courses you have taken in college and outside e.g. MOOCs

In addition to that, it is the use cases or the projects that you do that people see in your CV. The projects should broadly cover the key challenging tasks that you did as a data scientist.
**NOTE! Adding an F1score in your CV will not make you look good. As a data scientist, how you achieved the best possible F1score, and you can ensure that the model is not overfitting will make your CV standout. **
In short,

  1. Make sure to do a good real life challenging data science project. At work for experienced, under mentorship or on your own with a publicly available dataset for a fresher.
  2. Keep looking at good data scientist’s CVs and try to highlight your work accordingly.
  3. Keep consulting both tech and non-tech people as to what impression they get by looking at your CV.
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