How can I improve my weaknesses for interview?

Interviewers will often ask about your weaknesses. Learning to identify these is just as important as taking steps to improve on them. It is okay to acknowledge your weaknesses because everyone has them. It is more important to discuss the specific steps you are taking to overcome them. This might include using an online calendar to improve time management skills or taking a technology class to improve your computer skills.

Your career counselor can also help you learn to use this question in a way that demonstrates self-awareness and progress toward your professional goals.
Evaluating job outlooks and the expected demand for an industry can help you improve your chances of finding employment following graduation. Career counselors have access to resources that can help you when making career decisions. You might also ask them what types of careers your current major prepares you for. Sometimes, majoring in a specific subject has external benefits in other industries.

For example, a degree in psychology can help you develop communication and interpersonal skills, which can translate to other positions. Even if you are considering a career change, it can be helpful to understand how certain careers are trending. Turning to job outlook data can help choose a career in demand.