How can I find an entry level front-end development job?

After a glance at some GitHub comments, I can say that many codes are pretty basic. There is not much there save for a simple login system in Ruby, and a few hello world programs ripped straight from tutorial books.

If you wish to work in web development, I have some advice.

  • What do people desire first and foremost? Do they need someone who knows how to code in Java, R, Rust, Go, Vue, or Ruby? Find out what is trending in the market and dedicate yourself to understanding it.

  • Learn front-end frameworks, such as NodeJS, Angular, and React, which are popular.

  • More back-end languages should be learned; Go and Java are good starting points.

  • Aside from learning how to code, you may also develop something new or, better yet, contribute to various projects. Fix bugs, apply fixes, and create a new branch for an existing project.

  • On sites like TopCoder or ProjectEuler, you can solve programming issues.

  • Apply for internships with firms and learn as much as you can.