How can I clear the Cognizant interviews?

Since 2021, Cognizant has modified its pattern and included two new roles.

  1. GenC
  2. GenC Next

1. The GenC recruiting procedure is as follows:

Round 1:
It contains aptitude tests that include Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, and this year they have added essay writing instead of the verbal portion. Along with them, debugging must be addressed.

Round 2:
It comprises technical skill, cognitive capacity, and the right approach, so the overall goal is to evaluate problem-solving skills, and it may also include a technical interview.

2. The recruiting procedure for GenC Next (candidates who scored higher in the first round will be selected for the GenC next round 2 interview procedure.)

Round 2:
There are two sections here where your problem-solving and programming skills are evaluated.

Round 3:
After passing the first two rounds, the last round consists of a technical and HR interview.