How can I become a Data Engineer?

Typically, data engineers have a bachelor’s degree in math, science, or a business-related subject. The knowledge gained from this type of degree enables individuals to mine and query data using programming languages, and in some cases, big data SQL engines. Most data engineers obtain their first entry-level employment after receiving their bachelor’s degrees, depending on their position or industry.

  • Get your bachelor’s degree and start working on projects
    For entrance into this sector, a bachelor’s computer science degree, applied mathematics, physics, stats, or a similar field is required. Most entry-level roles will also require real-world experience, such as internships.

  • Obtain certification
    A certification can certify your talents to future employers, and studying for a certification exam is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills.

  • Begin with a entry-level post
    Many data engineers begin their careers as entry-level positions such as business intelligence analyst or database administrator. As you gain experience, you will be able to learn new talents and qualify for more advanced positions.