How can I avoid Google penalties?

How can I avoid Google penalties?

Here’s the top guidelines to avoid a penalty:

  • Don’t buy links- Links passing SEO value to your site should look natural. Keyword Stuffing - keep your keyword usage around 2-3% is the standard rule of thumb.

  • Having Shallow Content Depth - maintain an ongoing industry-related blog with well-written content that is also in-depth.

  • Non-Unique Content or Copyright Infringing - Make original, quality content.

  • Top Heavy Websites - Including Ads That Makes it Difficult for Visitors to Navigate or are Top Heavy.

  • Never Hide Content - Be as transparent as you can with Google, including high-quality content only.

  • Write URLs for Humans, Not Search Engines - create URLs that are clear, concise and written for the user.

  • Link Spamming Other Websites - Clean up your link profile, and keep cleaning it up, and you’ll probably never get an algorithmic penalty.

  • Cloaking - Search engines started taking actions and updating algorithms to penalize websites using such Black Hat SEO Techniques to keep the search results as clean and accurate as possible.

  • Don’t Over-Use Anchor Text - Simply put, anchor text is the actual text you can click on to be directed to be taken to another page or website.