How can blockchain benefit in India?

Blockchain technology can have a wondrous impact on all the crucial sectors of the Indian economy like healthcare, financial services, agriculture, real estate and utilities.

Also comes to benefit in India blockchain is the fastest growing skill set demanding on job sites, It has led to a spike in the growth rate of jobs at 2000 to 6000% and salaries for blockchain developers are 50-100% higher than regular developers. As a result if India starts educating its developers in blockchain technology, it will make them capable of absorbing the high paid jobs

Blockchain driven icos can raise huge capital. India with a strong IT line-up has the potential to become a blockchain development hub and channelize the inflow of global capital. Being a cryptocurrency influencer, it is pivotal to throw light on the problems of the country that can be solved by blockchain technology. India is affected by problems like corruption, data security breach, slow delivery of services, etc. Blockchain technology can make life easier by eradicating these problems.