How can an engineering student get core branches in India considering most of companies are software based

Thats a very good question and iam happy you asked. Everyone who does engineering takes the easy way out, go for IT !

Its not easy getting a core engineering job. Employers look for experience and freshers dont have experience unless they get a job.

Start thinking about this from the middle of your second year in engineering. This is the time to explore sub-specialization in your chosen field. Lets say you choose mechanical. Try to read a lot about areas with mech – 1) Automobile or 2) Environmental or 3) Biomechanical or 4) Robotics.

Try to secure an internship in each of these areas on a rotational basis. Its not easy getting an internship. If you want to get into automobiles, get into vehicle building competitions like SAEBAJA where you will build an actual vehicle. You get loads of experience.

If it is the other areas, get to Linkedin and shortlist companies working in your areas of choice and contact via Email. Introduce yourself, explain your interest, give an overview of your vision and state that you want to learn and would like an internships. If you send 100 emails you are sure to get atleast 5–10 responses and one internship opportunity. Lots of IITs and IISC offer felloships for candidates.

After doing 2–3 internships, by end of 4th year you should be reasonable sure of what you want to do. With your internship it is easier to get a core job or apply for Masters.