How can a Computer Science student help in Environmental Engineering?

Computer Science is a multi-Disciplinary field. What that means is, it uses data to address challenges in other fields.

Weather Modeling – Scientists build simulated models to predict and forecast weather based on Maths and Physics using Computer Algorithms.

Remote Sensing – Many Researchers are using Remote Sensing tools to help farmers with rain patterns and soil moisture analysis. These computer models tell farmers when to add water to soil based on computer data thus saving water.

Air Quality Monitoring – Several Scientists are working on building low cost and robust Air Quality monitoring tools which use power of computers to quantitatively estimate the extent of pollution based on chemical composition of Air.

[Air Quality & Pollution Research Professional Interview

Oil Spills – As we are all aware one of the biggest threats to Marine life is the Oil Spills due to offshore oil extraction. Many gas companies employ Geo-Statisticians to predict the path of oil spills once they occur to take quick corrective action