How can a commerce student become a Data Scientist?

Statistics and logical reasoning aren’t the only aspects of data science. Numerous technical abilities are required, and even a lot of hard work may not be enough to qualify as a data scientist. There are only a few openings for this position, and getting into this business is a huge task that is not for the faint of heart.

To begin with, it is a common fallacy that Data Scientists are paid extravagantly.

Only if you are an expert in one specialty sector and corporate entities in the current trend employ that field can you transfer jobs with high wages in the IT field.

You haven’t studied Database Structure, Computer Science Fundamentals, or how corporations use the Database Management System because you’re a commerce student. The compensation will remain, entry-level professional till you study these features for six months and achieve two years of field job experience.

But it is not impossible to get started, You can learn these skills, but this will take time and effort. It is going to be a hard climb for a commerce student.

You can try this learning path on data science for guidance